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Will the dan doh project continue?

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Will the anime Dan Doh ever continue. It hasn't been released for quite while now, so I was wondering when the next ep will be released of this great sports anime.

And the project is still described as active on the site (joint with SD-project)

Project is active, not sure why its not being released. Think I'll have to slap Hammar and Uska

its between typesetter and encoder as far as i know within SS myself since i'm not on the project its kinda hard ^^;;
but eventually we'll get it out ;D

u guyz should continue the dan-doh project but the sad thing is if u do u will have to break off ure allience wit animesuki ect happend to wanabefansubs

what on earrth r u exactly talking about animesuki is an anime indexing site not some sort of tracker, dude do some more research and think before u post


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