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I am wondering why it take you 7 months to just release 3 episodes of DanDoh and you started  01/05/04 and last release was in 02/01/06
 The series is only 26 episodes and are you planning to end  the releasing the series in 2007   ?(

Unfortunately you are the only one sub the series and there is no raw  files  available to this series  ;(

I hope you will consider my complain to finish the series  :O

Proin Drakenzol:

i saw it last time in the store.. and i cant keep my eyes of it.. i wanna buy but i already bought other dvd boxset so i am running out of cash.. so far i look at the back cover.. i just wanna have it.. but for now i wanna see if it is really my genre of anime.. i think it is normal that is realsed on fansub so late, but dont forget it is licenced if i am correct

Sorry, impatience and complaining is not the key to getting us to 'work more' on .

We work on series as we please, and do our best to keep those relevant to our interests moving.

It *is licenced* and Static *does promote* that you purchase them - so buy the DVDs if you're impatient over it.

wow u guys are a lot nicer then dattebayo
a LOT nicer
those guys are all like "listen , we're doing u a free service. if you don't like it, then off!"
so thanks for being nice ^_^
makes me feel likedonating money ^_^


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