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Static-Subs is looking for 2 or possible 3 new forum moderators, they will be moderating the current projects boards, since hardly the static-subs staff drop by here everyday, so i thought it proberly time to get a few moderators in here anyone is very active or active in this forum and wanting to help us out then pm me via the forum.
Basically we need law and order around this place :P

Oi I'm up for the task.

i got an idea. if there are new mods, could they be my underlings?

EDIT: never mind forget about that idea.

I'm uselay around
I have past moding experance and I'm cureently moding SH :)
so yeha
I don't care one way or anothother if I get it or not
it would be nice finaly shup up those spaming himetards though

sign me up too, it'll be a great experience


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