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Do they sell raw MAR dvds in japan still?


Ginta Toramizu:
Just wondering do they still sell MAR anime dvds in Japan? Are they expensive usually? lol can anyone tell me lol!

I saw them on a couple months ago.

Ginta Toramizu:
Hmm they're raw are they? No subs..  jeez but then again with my level of japanese i can manage to watch it raw! Haha so it's going to be and who are gonna finish MAR lol. By my estimations you guys are releasing around 2 to 3 episodes a month which is very satisfactory for most of us. So with 14 left to go the least it could take is 4 months which means you guys will finish around september most you could take is 7 months which means December but i'm pretty sure it's going to be done and over pretty soon. After all you guys are our saviours! lol


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