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It's over? Noooooooooooo! Sequal? hmmm...

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Saw #24 and it was a good ending, to say the least. I liked it, overall the series was better than the original in my opinion.

At the end, there seems to be a sneak preview for another anime. I looked at the characters, and it SEEMS to be a sequal to KANON!

Maybe I'm imagining things, what do you think?

Gotta love those topic titles...

Anyway, no. It's not a sequel to Kanon 2006.
The show is called Clannad which is the new
project of KyotoAnimation. There was a Clannad
movie and now KyoAni is making a TV series out
of it.

Keitaro Urashima:
I wish. There is OVA or movie of Kanon or real-life movie version.^^

I'm still crossing my fingers for a small OVA or something, but Ep. 24 seemed to cover most of what I expected to see in something like that so...

Probably not.

ya me too waiting for it to happen, hope they really will make OVA or Movies for it, Kanon is so popular until they remake the full series into a 24 series .


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