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Ok. Two votes for everyone. I have only listed the main characters and I apologise to people who votes for others. If you voted someone else, you can leave a message to say who if you want to....

I feel I have to put a disclaimer here lol :)....I have never seen the original version of Kanon, so my answer my change by episode 24 :)....

Watching episode 15 last week Spoiler (hover to show)(with Mai jumping off of the roof to kill the demon) was just awesome & put her at the top of my character list :)

Edit: Please use spoiler tags.

I haven't seen the Original either, but that just counts
as good thing for me right now :P.

Anyway, I agree that Mai rocked through the last episodes.
I was really amazed. But my fave Character will always be
Ayu. Loved her from the moments on when she started to hit
Yuuichi on the back and when she started saying 'Uguu~'.

She's got a great personality in the anime... basically I
love everything about her :D.

i really liked from the beginning she just makes me laugh about her :P :]

Keitaro Urashima:
Why I choose Ayu & Matoko as favorite character? Because I like say, "Auuu... & Uguuu... :]


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