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A few things...
« on: August 05, 2011, 06:05:31 AM »
Hi guys !

I just finished watching Gosick and thank you again for subbing this show, I really enjoyed it.

While I was watching, I spotted a few things that looked... weird concerning the French. And since I’m French, I figured I might as well inform you just in case, if you want to take a look and maybe v2 for a batch or anything. Otherwise, don’t mind me :p

First, about the names.
I think Cordelier should be Cordelia (or Cordélia, with a french spelling).
Jupiter Roge should probably be Jupiter Roger.
Zophie should be Sophie.

Then, in episode 21, around 18:08 : Gray Wolf and Monstre Charment.  => Charmant.

And finally, in episode 19: Lavia Rose => La vie en rose, would be my guess.

Anyway, these are only my impressions, and I felt like sharing them with you ^^

Keep up with the good work ! ;)