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I sure enjoyed this series.  A wounderful show and game both.  For those of you who don't know of the game, you can google insani and either operation sanctuary or hani hani (example) or even just go here to their site.  I wasn't going to post the actually link, but i guess i might as well.  Hope you enjoy their demo of the game.  Maybe in time either they'll get around to working on the full version or I'll get less lazy and actually find people to help me on it and another personal project of my own.  As for those who care about adult content, there may be a little bit of it in the demo, but throughout the actual game play I really don't remember any within the demo.  Beleive me, there is in the full version, and will be in my version if i ever get a crew together to get much work actually done on it.  As we speak I got most, if not all, the text exported for both the full version of this game and another which i'm porting to the same game client, a little bit of scripting fixed up, some text in the actual client translated and fixed, and am just waiting on a crew of helpers.  So if yo u know anyone who wants to help with english editing, or aspecially translating and graphics (mostly pain staking tedious dates, a lot of them.  thats most of what's left.)... then pm me on the forum and when i actually get around to checking it i'll try to get back to ya.

Make sure to thank Insani and aspecially Haeleth for their wounderful work that they've done on the demo.  Please, however, regard the lack of any translated graphics (mainly dates) that might not have made it into the demo.

 8)   Alright that's all from me, for now.  I just felt like posting today.

Oh yea, I should also point out the game fan-translation project for Wind -A Breath of Heart-.  or


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