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What do you guys think about the Hani Hani Story? Do you like it or is there something you really hate?

Tell me your opinion about this lovely anime!

ps: the opening theme roxx me hard :)

i think hani is the most boring anime ever....there's nothing happening! its like azumanga without the Funnies! and what's an anime without the funnies? absolutely nothing! :O

:] the series is great but there just too many anime of this kind showing this season ...dunno why...but this anime iis pretty one of a kind too ! and it only a short 12 mins ep so it wont bores you out before you need a break... yea keep doing it .... now let hear negative feedback :P

ph34r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this image!!!!!


--- Quote ---Originally posted by madness
ph34r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this image!!!!!

--- End quote ---

That's nothing, I have a life-size body pillow of Kaho from Natsuiro no Sunadokei.

Anyways, I really like Hani Hani.


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