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Whose Infinite Stratos Should You Watch?

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This is a web page i came across today  talking about  Which fansub Infinite Stratos Should You Watch?
There are a lot of comparison and comments on it !!!

Hina’s editing has the best flow. They make some mistakes, but their subs are the best. Ayako’s editing is kinda sketchy still, and the flow is a bit off. But if Hina dies, Ayako is the best alternative. SS is the absolute worst option you could pick. They take what’s great about the anime and rip the soul out of it, replacing it with garbled English. Avoid at all costs.

tl;dr Hina > Ayako > SS

Note: Rumbel-Ryugan has not released IS05 yet. Thus, I was unable to add their group in for a comparison.

This is the link

I guess people are entitled to their opinions... I could make rebuttals, but since I don't have the time to go through 3 different group's translations for a comparison/contrast, and my understanding of Japanese is below rudimentary, I'll admit that it makes me less qualified.

For what I do know, that being English, I wonder where he gets the idea that English speaking teenagers always use correct grammar when conversing?

Haha, Ayako. I stopped watching their b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t. 18 months ago. I won't believe they improved.

SS ftw.

Heh, the person who wrote the review is just mean, "Stop complain!" is what I would tell him .. :rolleyes:

Static-subs is a pretty good fansub group if you ask me.:)

hehe, I found that link in MAL between some comments. And some comments I found there were positive about his review of subs.
Eh.... Ayako as second best??? Is there something wrong with him? Well, if that's his opinion but talking about SS like that is the worst.


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